Grazio Falzon


This SURVIVAL MALTESE is intended for pleasure, especially to those planning a trip to the Maltese islands. Being able to speak even a few words will guarantee an appreciative and warm response.

I suggest that you follow the initial sequence of this Survival Maltese, esp. in regards to pronunciation and basic expressions. This gives you not only a minimum vocabulary, but also helps you get used to pronouncing the language. The phonetic transcription enables you to pronounce every word.

The imitated pronunciation should be read as if it were General American English. Of course, the sounds of any two languages are never exactly identical; but if you follow the indications provided here, you'll be able to read my transcriptions in such a way as to make yourself understood.

I tested out my transcription method on my California wife; she could pronounce perfect Maltese by reading off my transcriptions.

I am deeply appreciative to linguist Bjarne Skov (University of Oslo, Norway) and Hector Barca (Madrid Spain) for their invaluable feedback.

I hope you have as much fun learning some basic Maltese as I had working on this project.


N.B. For details about a printed much-expanded version of SURVIVAL MALTESE, please see: Maltese Dictionary & Phrasebook


Some Basic Expressions
Eating Out
Travelling Around
Making Friends
Shopping Guide
At the Bank
At the Post Office


	------	-------------------------	------		--------

	A	short, like 'u' in 'shut'	a		raba
		long, like 'a' in 'far'		a:		sala

	B	like Eng. b			b		blu

	C	like ch in 'church'		ch		coff

	D	like Eng. d			d		demm

	E	short, as e in 'shed'		e		dell
		long, as ai in  'hair'		e:		gelu

	F	like Eng. f			f		frott

	G	like j in 'join'		j		gbejna

	G	like g in 'great'		g		gardell

	H	silent within a word;				fehem

		pronounced like h in hen
		when at the end of a word	h		fih

	H	like h in 'house'		h		hamsa

	I	short, as i in  'fit'		i		fitt
		long, as ee in 'jeep'		i:		ilu

	J	like y in  'yes'		y		jannar

	K	like k in 'kit'			k		kelma

	L  	like l in 'life'		l		landa

	M	as in Eng.			m		mans

	N	as in Eng.			n		nisel

	O	short, like o in got		o		bott
		long, like aw in law		o:		sod

	GH	mostly silent (*)				boghod						gharef

	P	as in Eng.			p		patata

	Q	glottal plosive sound		'		dqiq
		produced by the closure of
		the vocal chords followed
		by their sudden separation

	R	trilled like Scottish r		r		marsus

	S	like s in 'sea'		 	s		sinjur

	T	like t in French 'tante'	t		tfajla

	U	short, like u in 'full'		u		pulptu
		long, like oo in 'fool'		u:		hut

	V	as in Eng.			v		iva

	W	like w in 'war'			w		werwer

	X	like sh in 'sheep'		sh		xadina

	Z	voiced, like z in  'fuzz'	z		zunzan
	Z	unvoiced, like ts in 'hats'	ts		pinzell

(*) 'GH' is regarded as a single letter in Maltese. When it precedes or 
follows any one of the vowels 'a', 'e', 'o' it prolongs the sound of the
vowel. In my phonetic transcription this is shown by : after the 
vowel concerned.

When 'GH' is followed by the vowel 'i' it takes the sound of 'ay' in the 
English word 'bay'. When 'GH' is followed by the vowel 'u' it takes the 
sound of 'ou' in the English word 'soul'.

When 'GH' is the final letter in a word, it is pronounced as a soft aspirate
sound like 'h' in the English word 'hair'.

The phonetic transcription will show the correct variation in pronunciation.

N.B.(1) General rules governing the length of vowels:

	-- All vowels at the end of a word are short and unstressed.

	-- All vowels are long when they are stressed and are followed
	   by one consonant. They are short when followed by more than 
	   one consonant.

	-- A long vowel becomes shorter when the word in which it occurs
	   is followed by a word beginning with a consonant and carrying
	   the main stress. E.g. dar sabiha.

N.B.(2) My phonetic transcription will also show the differences in 
pronunciation of 'g' in 'gobon' and 'g' in 'gidba', 'z' in 'zija' and 'z'
in 'zarbun', and between silent and pronounced 'h'.

N.B.(3) Doubled consonants are to be lengthened phonetically at the
beginning of a word or inside it. Thus  ll  in 'falla' must be pronounced
not with one  l  as in English 'fuller' but with the first  l  closing
the first syllable and with the second  l  opening the second syllable.
Approximate phonetic analogy in English would be the pronunciation of
"full life".


	English			Maltese Translation	Phonetic
	Expression		(without diacritics)	transcription
	-------			--------------------	-------------

	Yes			Iva			iva

	No			Le			le

	Please			Jekk joghgbok		yek yo:jbok

	Thank you		Grazzi			gratsi

	Thank you 		Grazzi hafna		gratsi hafna
	very much		

	You're welcome		M'hemmx mn'hiex		memsh mni:sh

Greetings -------

	Good morning		Bongu			bonju

	Good evening		Bonswa			bonswa

	Good night		Il-lejl it-tajjeb	illeyl itayeb

	Good-bye 		Sahha			sahha

	So long			Caw			cha:w

	See you later		Narak iktar tard	narak iktar ta:rd

	This is Mr.		Dan is-Sinjur		dan isinyu:r
	Mrs.			Din is-Sinjura		diyn isinyu:ra
	Miss			Din is-Sinjurina	diyn isinyu:ri:na

	Pleased to meet		Ghandi pjacir		a:ndi pyachi:r

	How are you?		Kif inti?		kiyf inti

	Very well, thanks.	Tajjeb(masc),tajba(fem) tayeb/tayba 
	And you?		hafna. U inti?		hafna u inti

	I beg your pardon? 	Skuzi?			skuzi

	Excuse me		Skuzi!			skuzi

	Sorry!			Skuzani!		skuza:ni

Questions -------------

	Where?			Fejn?			feyn

	How?			Kif?			kiyf

	When? 			Meta?			meta

	What?			X'hini?			shiniy

	Why?			Ghaliex?		a:li:sh

	Who?			Min?			miyn

	Which?			Liema?			lima

	Where is...?		Fejn hu...?		feyn uw

	Where are...?		Fejn huma...?		feyn uma

	Where can I find...?    Fejn insib...?		feyn insi:b

	How far...?		kemm hi(fem), hu(masc)	kem iy/u/uma
				huma (pl) boghod...?	bo:d

	How long...?		Kemm iddum...?		kem iddu:m

	How much/many...?	Kemm...?		kem

	How much does 		Kemm tqum		kem t'u:m
	this cost?		din?(f)			diyn
				iqum dan?(m)	  	i'u:m dan

	When does....		X'hin ...		sh hiyn...
	open/close?		jiftah/jaghlaq?		yiftah/yala'

	What do you call	Kif tghid		Kiyf teyd
	this/that in 		dan/dak			dan/dak
	Maltese?		bil-Malti/		bil malti

	What does this/		Xi jfisser dan/		shiyfisser dan/
	that mean?		dak?			dak
	Do you speak		Titkellem		titkellem
	English?		bl-Ingliz?		bl ingli:s

	Is there anyone		Hawn xi hadd 		a:wn shi had 
	here who speaks...?     li jitkellem..?		li yitkellem...

	I don't speak (much)	Ma nitkellimx	 	ma nitkellimsh 
	Maltese.		(tajjeb) bil-Malti.	(tayeb) bil malti

	Could you speak		Tista' titkellem	tista titkellem
	more slowly?		iktar bil-mod?		iktar bil mo:d

	Could you repeat 	Tista' tirrepeti	tista tirrepeti
	that?			dak?			dak

	Could you spell 	Tista tispelli 		tista tispelli:
	the word?		l-kelma?		il kelma

	Please write the	Jekk joghgbok		yek yo:jbok
	word down.		iktibli l-kelma.	iktibli ilkelma
	Can you translate	Tista tittraducili	tista titraduchi:li
	this for me?		dan?			dan

	I understand.		Nifhem.			nifem

	I don't understand.  	Ma nifhimx.		ma nifimsh

	Do you understand?	Qed tifhem?		'ed tifem

	Can you show me?	Tista' turini?		tista turiyni
	I can't.		Ma nistax.		ma nistash

	Can you tell me?	Tista' tghidli?		tista teydli

	Can you help me?	Tista' tghinni?		tista teyni

	Can I help you?		Nista' nghinek?		nista neyneyk

	Can you direct me	Tista tghatini 		tista tati:ni
	to...?			d-direzzjonijiet 	id diretsyoniyi:t
				ghal...?		al

Wanting --------

	I'd like...		Nixtieq...		nishti:'

	We'd like...		Nixtiequ...		nishti:'u
	What do you want? 	X'ghandek bzonn?	sha:ndek bzon

	Give me...		Aghtini...		a:tini

	Bring me...		Gibli...		jiybli

	Show me...		Urini...		uriyni

	I'm looking for...	Qed infittex...		'ed infittesh

	I'm hungry.		Ghandi l-guh.		a:ndi il ju:h

	I'm thirsty.		Ghandi l-ghatx.		a:ndi la:tch

	I'm tired.		Jien ghajjien.		yi:n a:yi:n
	I'm lost.		Intlift.		intlift

	It's important.		Importanti.		importanti

	It's urgent.		Urgenti.		urjenti

	Hurry up!		Ghaggel!		a:jjel

It is / there is -------------

	It is...		Hi(ja)...(fem.)		iy(ya)
				Hu(wa)...(masc.)	uw(wa)
	It isn't...		M'hix...(fem.)		miysh
				M'hux...(masc.)		muwsh

	Here it is.		Hawn hi. (fem.)		awn iy				Hawn hu. (masc)		aawn oo

	Here they are.		Hawn huma.		awn uma

	There it is.		Hemm hi. (fem.)		em iy
				Hemm hu. (masc.)	em uw

	There is/are...		Hemm...			em

	Is there/are there...?  Hemm...?		em

	Ther isn't/aren't.	M'hemmx.		memsh

It's --------------

	big	    m/f sing.	kbir / kbira		kbi:r / kbi:ra
		    plural      kbar			kba:r

	small			zghir / zghira		zeyr / zeyra
				zghar			za:r

	hot			shun / shuna		s hun / s huna
				shan			s ha:n

	cold			kiesah / kiesha		kisah / kis ha
				keshin			kes hin 	

	easy			facli			fachli	
	difficult		difficli		diffichli

	heavy			tqil / tqila		t'il / t'ila
				tqal			t'a:l

	light			hafif / hafifa		hafif / hafifa
				hfief			hfi:f	

	right/good		tajjeb / tajba		tayeb / tayba
				tajbin			taybin

	wrong/bad		hazin / hazina		hazin / hazina
				hziena			hzi:na

	old			qadim / qadima 	        'adim / 'adima
				qodma			'odma

	new			gdid / gdida		jdid / jdida
				godda			joda		

	old			xih / xiha		shih / shiha	
				xjuh			shjuh	

	young			zaghzugh zaghzuha	zazuh / zazuwa
				zaghzagh		zazah

	beautiful		sabih / sabiha		sabih / sabiha
				sbieh			sbi:h

	ugly			ikrah / kerha		ikrah / kera
				koroh			koroh

	better			ahjar			ahyar

	worse			aghar			a:r

	early			kmieni			kmi:ni
	late			tard			tard

	cheap			irhis / irhisa		irhis / irhisa
				irhas			irha:s	

	expensive		gholi / gholja		o:li /	o:lya
				gholjin			o:lyin

	near			vicin = qrib		vichin / 'rib
	far			il-boghod		il bo:d

	first			l-ewwel			lewel
	last			l-ahhar			lahar

Quantities -----------

	a little / a lot	ftit / hafna		ftiyt / hafna

	much / many		hafna			hafna

	more / less		iktar / inqas		iktar / in'as

	enough			bizzejjed		bizzeyed

Prepositions ----------

	on				fuq			fu'	
	in				gewwa / go		jewa / jo:
	after				wara			wara
	before (time)			qabel			'abel
	before (place)			quddiem			'udi:m
	for				ghal			a:l
	from				minn			min
	with				ma'			ma
	without				minghajr		mina:yr
	towards				lejn			leyn
	to				ghal			a:l
	until				sakemm			sakem
	during				matul			matul
	next to				hdejn			hdeyn
	behind				wara			wara
	between				bejn			beyn
	since				mindu			mindu
	above				fuq			fu'
	below				taht			taht
	inside				gewwa			jewa
	outside				barra			barra

A few more useful words ---------------

	and				u			u
	or				jew			yew
	never				qatt			'at
	always				dejjem			deyem
	nothing				xejn			sheyn
	something			xi haga			shi haja
	none				hadd			had
	too, also			anki			anki
	but				izda			izda
	soon 				malajr			malayr
	now 				issa			issa
	then				imbaghad		imba:d
	again				mill-gdid		mill jdiyd
	perhaps				forsi / aktarx		forsi / aktarsh
	only				biss			biss

Personal Pronouns --------

	I / I'm not		Jien / M'iniex		yi:n/mini:sh
	You / You are not	Int / M'intix		int/mintiysh
	He / He isn't		Hu / M'hux		uw/mush
	She / she isn't		Hi / M'hix		iy/mish
	We / We aren't		Ahna / M'ahniex		ahna/mahni:sh
	You / You aren't	Intom / M'intomx	intom/mintomsh
	They / They aren't	Huma / m'humiex		u:ma/mumi:sh

Numbers ------

	0	xejn			sheyn
	1	wiehed			wi:hed
	2	tnejn			tneyn
	3	tlieta			tli:ta
	4	erbgha			erba:
	5	hamsa			hamsa					
	6	sitta			sitta
	7	sebgha			seba:
	8	tmienja			tmi:nya
	9	disgha			disa:
	10	ghaxra			a:shra
	11	hdax			hda:sh
	12	tnax			tna:sh
	13	tlettax			tletta:sh
	14	erbatax			erbata:sh
	15 	hmistax			hmista:sh
	16	sittax			sitta:sh	
	17	sbatax			sbata:sh
	18	tmintax			tminta:sh
	19	dsatax			tsata:sh
	20	ghoxrin			o:shriyn
	21	wiehed u ghoxrin	wi:hed u o:shriyn
	22	tnejn u ghoxrin		tneyn u o:shriyn
	30	tletin			tletiyn
	40	erbghin			erbeyn
	50	hamsin			hamsin
	60	sittin			sittin
	70	sebghin			sebeyn
	80	tmenin			tmenin
	90	disghin			diseyn
	100	mija			miya
	101	mija u wiehed		miya u wi:hed
	200	mitejn			miteyn	
	300	tlitt mija		tlit miya
	400	erba' mija		erba miya
	500	hames mija		hames miya
	600	sitt mija		sit miya
	700	seba' mija		seba miya
	800	tminn mija		tmin miya
	900	disa' mija		disa miya
	1000	elf			elf
	1250	elf mitejn u hamsin	elf miteyn u hamsin
	2000	elfejn			elfeyn
	3000	tlitt elef		tlit elef
	1000000	miljun			milyuwn

	first		l-ewwel		lewel
	second		it-tieni	it ti:ni
	third		it-tielet	it ti:let
	fourth		ir-raba'	ir raba
	fifth		il-hames	il hames
	sixth		is-sitta	is sitta
	seventh		is-seba'	is seba
	eighth		it-tmienja	it mi:nya
	ninth		id-disa'	id disa
	tenth		il-ghaxra	il a:shra

	once		darba		darba
	twice		darbtejn	darbteyn
	three times	tlitt darbiet	tlit darbi:t

	half		nofs		nofs
	a quarter	kwart		kwart
	one third	terz		terts
	a pair of...	par ta'...	pa:r ta
	a dozen		tuzzana		tuzzana

	one per cent	wiehed fil-mija	wi:hed fil miya
	3/4		tlitt kwarti	tlit kwarti

	1995		elf disa' mija	elf disa miya
			u hamsa 	u hamsa
			u disghin 	u diseyn

Year and Age -------------

	year		sena			sena
	leap year	sena bisestili		sena bizesti:li
	decade		deakadu			dekadu
	century		seklu			seklu
	this year	din is-sena		diyn is sena
	last year	is-sena li ghaddiet	is sena li a:ddi:t
	next year	is-sena d-diehla	is sena idi:hla
	each year	kull sena		kull sena
	2 yrs ago	sentejn ilu		senteyn i:lu
	in 1 year	f'sena			fsena
	in the 80s	fit-tminijiet		fit tminiyi:t
	in the 12th	fis-seklu		fis seklu
	century		tnax			tna:sh
	in the 20th	fis-seklu		fis seklu
	century		ghoxrin			o:shriyn
	how old are 	kemm ghandek zmien?	kem a:ndek zmi:n

	I'm 30 yrs old.	Ghandi tletin sena.	a:ndi tletin sena

	He/she was  	Twieled/twieldet	twi:led/twi:ldet
	born in 1960.	fl-elf disa' mija	flelf disa miya
			u sittin.		u sittin

	What is his/	Kemm ghandu/		kem a:ndu
	her age?	ghandha zmien?		a:nda zmi:n

Seasons, Months, Days ------------

	spring		ir-rebbiegha		ir rebbi:ya:
	summer		is-sajf			is sayf
	autumn		il-harifa		il harifa	
	winter		ix-xitwa		ish shitwa

	January		jannar			yanna:r
	February	frar			fra:r
	March		marzu			martsu
	April		april			april
	May		mejju			meyu
	June		gunju			junyu
	July		lulju			lulyu
	August		awissu			awissu
	September	settembru		settembru
	October		ottubru			ottubru
	November	novembru		novembru
	December	dicembru		dichembru

	in May		f'mejju			fmeyu
	since March	minn marzu		min martsu
	the end of 	l-ahhar			lahhar
	of the month	tax-xahar		tash sha:r
	What day is	x'gurnata hi		shjurnata iy
	today?		illum?			illum

	It's July 1st.	Hu l-ewwel ta' lulju.	uw lewel ta lulyu

	in the morning	fil-ghodu		fil o:du
	during the day	matul il-gurnata	matul il jurnata
	in the		wara nofs in-nhar	wara nofs ina:r
	in the evening	fil-ghaxija		fil a:shiya
	at night	bil-lejl		bil leyl
	yesterday	il-bierah		il bi:rah
	today		illum			illum
	to-morrow	ghada			a:da
	2 days ago	jumejn ilu		yumeyn iylu
	in 3 days' time	fi tlitt ijiem		fi tlit iyi:m
	next week	il-gimgha d-diehla	il jima id di:hla
	last week	il-gimgha li ghaddiet	il jima li a:di:t
	fortnight	hmistax			hmista:sh
	holiday		vakanza			vakantsa

Wishes --------------

Merry Christmas!	Il-Milied it-Tajjeb!	il mili:d it ta yeb
Happy New Year!		Is-Sena t-Tajba!	is sena it tayba
Happy Easter!		L-Ghid it-Tajjeb!	leyd it tayeb
Happy Birthday!		Awguri tal-birthday!	awguri tal 'birthday'	
Best Wishes!		Awguri!/Xewqat Sbieh!	awguri/shew'at sbi:h
Congratulations!	Nifrahlek!		nifrahlek
Good luck!		Ix-Xorti t-Tajba!	ish shorti it tayba
Regards...		Inselli ghalik		inselli a:lik
Goodbye!		Sahha!			sahha
Bye!			Ciao! 			chaw

What time is it? ------------

Excuse me. Can you	Skuzi. Tista		skuzi tista
tell me the time?	tghidli x'hin hu?	teydli sh hin uw

It's ten past three.	It-tlieta u ghaxra.	it tli:ta u a:shra

It's a quarter past	Il-hamsa u kwart.	il hamsa u kwart

It's twenty to seven.	Is-sebgha neqsin	is seba: ne'sin
			ghoxrin.		o:shriyn

It's half past six.	Is-sitta u nofs.	is sitta u nofs

It's noon.		Nofs in-nhar.		nofs ina:r

It's midnight.		Nofs il-lejl.		nofs ileyl

In the morning.		Fil-ghodu.		fil o:du
In the afternoon.	Wara nofs in-nhar.	wara nofs ina:r
In the evening.		Fil-ghaxija.		fil a:shiya

The clock is fast.	L-arlogg ghandu		larloj a:ndu
			l-quddiem.		il'udi:m
the clock is slow.	L-arlogg sejjer lura.	larloj seyer lura

ARRIVAL -----------

Here's my 		Hawn hu			awn uw
passport.		l-passaport tieghi.	il passaport ti:yey

I'll be staying...	Se nqghod...		se no'od
a few days		ftit granet		ftiyt jranet
a week			gimgha			jima:
a month.		xahar.			sha:r

I don't know yet.	Ghadni ma nafx.		a:dni ma nafsh

I'm here on vacation.	Qieghed hawn vaganzi.	'i:ed awn vagantsi

I'm here on business.	Qieghed hawn fuq 	'i:ed awn fu'
			bizniss.		biznis

I'm sorry I don't	Jiddispjacini ma	yiddispyachini ma
understand.		nifhimx.		nifimsh

Is there anyone here	Hawn xi hadd hawn	awn shi had awn
who speaks English?	li jaf bl-ingliz?	li yaf blingliz

I've nothing to		M'ghandi xejn		ma:ndi sheyn
declare.		x'niddikjara.		shniddikyara

I've a bottle of	Ghandi flixkun		a:ndi flishkun
whiskey.		wiski.			wiski

It's for my personal	Dan ghall-uzu tieghi	dan a:ll uzu ti:yey
use.			persunali.		persunali

Changing Money ---------

Where's the currency	Fejn hu l-ufficcju	feyn uw lufichyu
exchange office?	tal-kambju?		tal kambyu

Can you change these	Tista tibdilli dawn	tista tibdilli
traveler's checks?	it-traviler cekks?	it traviler cheks

I'd like to change	Nixtieq nibdel		nishti:' nibdel
some dollars/pounds.	ftit dollari/sterlini.	ftiyt dollari/sterlini

What's the exchange 	X'inhi r-rata		shiniy	ir rata
rate?			tal-kambju?		tal kambyu

Where is? ------------

Where's the car		Fejn hu l-ufficcju	feyn uw luffichyu
rental office?		tal-kiri tal-karozzi?	tal kiri tal karotsi

newstand		il-kjosk tal-gazzetti	il kyosk tal gatseti
restaurant		ir-ristorant		ir ristorant
shopping area		iz-zona tal-hwienet	itz tzona tal hwi:net

How do I get to...?	Kif immur ghal...?	kiyf immuwr a:l

Is there a bus to...?	Hemm karozza ghal...?	em karotsa a:l

Wher can I rent/hire	Fejn nista nikri	feyn nista nikri
a car?			karozza?		karotsa

Hotel reservation ----------

Do you have a hotel	Ghandek gwida 		a:ndek gwida
guide?			tal-lukandi?		tal lukandi

Could you reserve	Tista tirriservali	tista tirriservali
a room?			kamra?			kamra
downtown		fic-centru		fich chentru
near the sea		hdejn il-bahar		hdeyn il bahar
a single room		kamra singola		kamra singola
a double room		kamra doppja		kamra doppya
not too expensive	mhux gholja wisq	mush o:lya wis'

Where's the hotel?	Fejn hi l-lukanda?	feyn iy il lukanda

Do you have a street 	Ghandek mappa		a:ndek mappa
map?			tat-triqat?		tat tri'at

Car Rental (Hire) -----------

I need to rent 		ghandi bzonn nikri	a:ndi bzon nikri
a car.			karozza.		karotsa
small			zghira			zeyra
medium			midjum			midyum
large			kbira			kbi:ra

I'd like it for a	Irridha ghal		irrida a:l
day/week/month.		gurnata/gimgha/xahar	jurnata/jima:/sha:r

Do you have any		Ghandek tariffi		a:ndek tarifi
special rates?		specjali?		spechya:li

What're the rates?	X'inhuma t-tariffi?	shinuma it tarifi

Is mileage included?	Il-majligg kompriz?	il maylij kompriz

I want full insurance.	Irrid inxjurans 	irrid inshyurans
			komplita.		komplita

What's the deposit?	Kemm hu d-depoztu?	kem uw id depostu

I've a credit card.	Ghandi kredit kard.	a:ndi kredit kard

Here's my driving	Hawn il-licenza		awn il lichentsa
licence			tieghi.			ti:yey

Taxi ------------

Where can I get a 	Fejn nista naqbad	feyn nista na'bad
taxi?			taxi?			taksi

Please get me a 	Jekk joghgbok sejjahli	yek yo:jbok seyahli
taxi.			taxi.			taksi

Take me to this 	Hudni f'dan		hudni fdan
address.		l-indirizz.		lindirits
the airport.		l-erport.		lerport
the town center.	ic-centru.		ich chentru

Turn at the next	Dur fil-kantuniera.	du:r fil kantuni:ra

Left/right.		Max-xellug/mal-lemin.	mash shellug/mal lemin

Go straight ahead.	Ibqa' sejjer dritt.	ib'a seyer drit

Please stop here.	Jekk joghgbok ieqaf	yek yo:jbok i:'af
			hawn.			awn

I'm in a hurry.		Jien mghaggel.		yi:n ma:jjel

Could you wait for me?	Tista tistennini?	tista tistnenini

I'll be back in ten	Nirritorna f'ghaxar	nirritorna fa:sha:r
minutes.		minuti.			minuti


Hotel - Checking in:

My name is..		Jisimni			yisimni

I've a reservation.	Ghandi prenotazzjoni.	a:ndi prenotatsyoni

Do you have any		Ghandek 		a:ndek
vacancies?		kmamar liberi?		kmamar liberi

I'd like a.. room..	Nixtieq kamra..		nishti:'
single/double		singola/doppja		singola/dopya
with twin beds		b'zewg sodod		bzewch sodod
with a double bed	b'sodda doppja		bsodda dopya
with a bath		bil-banju		bil banyu
with a shower		bid-docca		bid docha
with a balcony		bil-gallerija		bil galleriya
with a view		b'veduta		bveduta

We'd like a room...	Nixtiequ kamra...	nishti:'u kamra
in the front		quddiem			'udi:m
at the back		fuq wara		fu' wara
facing the sea		faccata tal-bahar	fachata tal bahar
It must be quiet.	Trid tkun trankwilla.	trid tkun trankwilla

Is there 		Hemm			em
air-conditioning?	arja kondizjonata?	arya konditsyonata
a private toilet?	tojlit privat		toylit privat

Could you put		Tista tpoggi		tista tpojji
an extra bed		sodda zejda		sodda zeyda
in the room?		fil-kamra?		fil kamra

What's the price...?	X'inhu l-prezz...?	shinu il prets
per night		ghal lejl		a:l leyl
per week		ghal gimgha		a:l jima:

That's too expensive.	Dak gholi wisq.		dak o:li wis'

Have you anything	Ghandek xi haga		a:ndek shi haja
cheaper?		irhas?			irhas

We'll be staying...	Se noqoghdu...		se no'o:du
a few days		ftit granet		ftiyt jranet
a week (at least).	gimgha (mill-inqas)	jima: mill in'as

What's the room 	X'inhu n-numru		shinu in numru
number?			tal-kamra?		tal kamra

Where can I park 	Fejn nista nipparkja	feyn nista nipparkya
the car?		l-karrozza?		il karotsa

The key, please.	Ic-cavetta, jekk	ich chavetta yek
			joghgbok.		yo:jbok

Will you please		Jekk joghgbok		yek yo:jbok
wake me at 7:00.	qajjimni fis-sebgha.	'ayimni fis seba:

Can you find me		Tista ssibli		tista issibli
a babysitter?		bejbisiter		beybisitter

Would you please	Jekk joghgbok		yek yo:jbok
mail this for me?	impostali dan!		impostali dan

Are there any 		Hemm xi			em shi
messages for me?	messaggi ghalija?	messajji a:liya

Difficulties ---------

The... doesn't work. 	... ma tahdimx.		ma tahdimsh
air conditioner		l-arja kondizjonata	larya konditsyonata
heating			il-hiting		il hiytink
television		it-televixin		it televishin

Can you get it		Tista tinkariga		tista tinkariga
repaired?		xi hadd isewwiha?	shi had isewiya

The faucet (tap) 	Il-vit			il viyt
is dripping.		qed iqattar.		'ed i'attar

There's no hot water.	M'hemmx ilma shun.	memsh ilma s hun

The bulb is burned out. Il-bozza nharqet.	il botsa inhar'et

Checking out ------------

May I please have	Jekk joghgbok tista	yek yo:jbok tista
my bill?		taghtini l-kont?	ta:tini il kont

Can I pay by credit	Nista nhallas		nista inhallas
card?			bil-kredit kard?	bil kredit kard

Can you get us 		Tista ggibilna taxi?	tista ijjibilna taksi
a taxi?

It's been a very	Hadna pjacir hafna	hadna pyachi:r hafna
enjoyable stay.		bis-soggorn taghna.	bis sojjorn ta:na

EATING OUT ---------------

I'm hungry/thirsty.	Ghandi l-guh/l-ghatx.	a:ndi il juh/lach

Can you recommend	tista tirrikmanda	tista tirrikmanda
a good rstaurant?	ristorant tajjeb?	ristorant tayeb

Are there any		Hemm xi			em shi
inexpensive		ristoranti irhas	ristoranti irhas
restaurants around 	f'dawn l-inhawi?	fdawn linhawi

I'd like to reserve	Nixtieq nirriserva	nishti:' nirriserva
a table for four.	mejda ghal erbgha.	meyda a:l erba:

We'll come at eight.	Nigu fit-tmienja.	niju fit tmi:nya

Could we have a table.. Tista ttina mejda..	tista ittina meyda
in the corner		fir-rokna		fir rokna
by the window		hdejn it-tieqa		hdeyn it ti:'a
outside			barra			barra
in a non-smoking area.	fejn m'hemmx tipjip.	feyn memsh tipyip

Waiter/Waitress		Wejter/wejtress		weyter / weytress
May I have the menu	Jekk joghgbok		yek yo:jbok
please.			aghtina l-menu.		a:tina il menyu

Do you have local	Ghandkom platti		a:ndkom platti
dishes?			lokali?			lokali

What do you recommend?	X'tirrikmanda?		shtirrikmanda

I'd like...		Jien nixtieq...		yi:n nishti:'

Could we have....	Tista ggibilna...	tista ijjibilna
please?			jekk joghgbok?		yek yo:jbok
ashtray			axtrej			ashtrey
cup			kikkra			kikkra
extra chair		siggu iehor		sijju i:hor
fork			furketta		furketta
glass			tazza			tatsa
knife			sikkina			sikkina
plate			platt			plat
spoon			imgharfa		ima:rfa

May I have some...	Nixtieq ftit...		nishti:' ftiyt
bread			hobz			hobs
butter			butir			butiyr
oil			zejt			zeyt
pepper			bzar			bza:r
salt			melh			melh
seasoning		hwawar			hwawa:r
sugar			zokkor			tsokkor
vinegar			hall			hal

I'm on a diet.		Jien qed fuq id-dieta.	yi:n 'ed fu' id di:ta

I musn't eat food	Ma nistax niekol	ma nistash ni:kol
containing...		ikel li fih...		ikel li fiyh
flour/fat		dqiq/xaham		d'i' / shaham
salt/sugar		melh/zokkor		melh / tsokkor

Do you have...		Ghandek...		a:ndek
for diabetics?		ghad-dijabetici?	a:d diyabetichi
cakes			kejkijiet		keykiyi:t
fruit juice		sugu tal-frott		sugu tal frot

Do you have 		Ghandkom		a:ndkom
vegetarian dishes?	ikel vegetarjan?	ikel vejetaryan

I'd like some more.	Nixtieq ftit iktar.	nishti:' ftiyt iktar

Just a small portion.	Porzjon zghir biss.	portsyon zeyr biss

Nothing more, thanks.	Xejn iktar, grazzi.	sheyn iktar gratsi

Where're the toilets?	Fejn huma t-tojlezz?	feyn uma it toylets

Breakfast ----------

I'd like breakfast,	Nixtieq kolazzjon,	nishti:' kolatsyon
please.			jekk joghgbok.		yek yo:jbok

I'll have a/an...	Nixtieq...		nishti:'
some			ftit			ftiyt
bacon & eggs		bejkin u bajd		beykin u bayd
boiled egg		bajda mghollija		bayda molliya
cereal			cereali			chereali
fried eggs		bajd moqli		bayd mo'li
scrambled eggs		bajd imhawwad		bayd imhawwad
orange juice		sugu tal-laring		sugu tal larinch
ham and eggs		perzut u bajd		perzut u bayd
marmalade		marmellata		marmellata
toast			towst			towst

May I have some...	Tista ggibli ftit...	tista ijjibli ftiyt
bread			hobz			hobs
butter			butir			butiyr
coffee			kafe			kafe
vdecaffeinated		dekaffinat		dekaffinat
black			iswed			iswed
with milk		bil-halib		bil halib
honey			ghasel			a:sel
milk cold/hot		halib kiesah/jahraq	halib ki:sah / yahra'
tea			te			te
with lemon		b'lumija		b lumiya
(hot) water		ilma (shun)		ilma s hun

What's on the menu? -------

Appetizers		Antipasti		antipasti
pizza, omelets		pizza, frittati		pitsa frittati
soup, sauce		soppa, zalza		soppa tsaltsa
fish, seafood		hut, frott tal-bahar	hut frot tal bahar
meat, 			laham			laham
game, poultry		tjur, tigieg		tyu:r tiji:j
vegetables		hxejjex			hsheyesh
salads			insalati		insalati
spices			hwawar			hwawa:r
cheese, fruit		gobon, frott		jobon frot
dessert			dizerta			dizerta
drinks, wine		xorb, nbid		shorb	imbid

ice-cream		gelat			jelat
first course		l-ewwel platt		lewwel plat
second course		it-tieni platt		it ti:ni plat

Appetizers -----

anchovies		incova			inchova
artichokes		qaqocc			'a'och
caviar			kavjar			kavyar
shrimps			gambli			gambli
sausage			zalzett			tsaltsett
olives			zebbug			zebbuj
oysters			gajdriet		gaydri:t
ham			perzut			perzut
sardines		sardin			sardiyn
pickled veggies		hxejjex fis-salmura	hsheyesh fis salmura

Fish & Seafood -----

lobster			awwista			awista
cod			bakkaljaw		bakkalyaw
mussels			masklu			masklu
shrimps			gambli			gambli
crabs			grancijiet		granchiyi:t
eel			sallura			sallura
oysters			gajdriet		gaydri:t
swordfish		pixxispad		pishispad
octopus			qarnita			'arnita
sea urchins		rizzi			ritsi
salmon			salamun			salamun
sardines		sardin			sardiyn
prawns			gambli kbar		gambli kbar
mackerel		sawrell			sawrel
sturgeon		sturjun			sturyun
tuna			ton			ton
trout			trota			trota
clams			arzell			artsel

cooked			imsajjar (m)		imsayar
			imsajra (f)		imsayra
boiled			mgholli/ja		mo:lli/ya
baked			mohmi/ja		mohmi/ya
grilled			mixwi/ja		mishwi/ya
marinated		marinat/a		marinat/a
steamed			fuq il-fwar		fu' il fwa:r

Meat ----------

I'd like some...	Nixtieq...		nishti:'
beef / lamb		canga / haruf		changa / haruf
mutton / pork		muntun / majjal		muntun / mayal
veal			vitella			vitella

roast / steak		rowst / stejk		rowst / steyk
rib / cutlet		kustilja / kotletta	kustilya / kotletta
liver / filet		fwied / filett		fwi:d / filett
tongue / meatballs	ilsien / pulpetti	ilsi:n / pulpetti
kidneys / tripe		kliewi / kirxa		kli:wi / kirsha
roastbeef / shoulder	rosbif / spalla		rosbif / spalla

I'd like my meat...	Nixtieq il-laham...	nishti:' il laham
baked			fil-forn		fil forn
fried			moqli			mo'li
grilled			mixwi			mishwi
rare / medium		ftit nej / midju	ftiyt ney / midyu
well done		misjur sew		misyur sew

Poultry -----

rabbit			fenek			fenek
chicken			fellus			fellus
turkey			dundjan			dundyan
hen			tigiega			tiji:ja

Vegetables - Salads --------

asparagus		sprag			sprach
broccoli		brokkli			brokkli
artichokes		qaqocc			'a'och
carrots			zunnarija		tsunnariya
cauliflower		pastarda		pastarda
cabbage			kabocca			kabocha
celery			karfusa			karfuwsa
chick-peas		cicri			chichri
cucumber		hjara			hyara
onion			basla			basla
beans			fazola			fazola
lettuce			hass			has
eggplant		bringiel		brinji:l
potato			patata			patata
pepers			bzar			bza:r
peas			pizelli			pizelli
pumpkin			qargha hamra		'ara: hamra
spinach			spinaci			spinachi
turnip			gidra			jidra
zucchini		zukkini			zukkini

Spices and Herbs ------

garlic			tewm			tewm
basil			habaq			haba'
cinnamon		kannella		kannella
capers			kappar			kappa:r
bay			rand			rant
oregano			oreganu			oreganu
parsley			tursina			tursiyna
thyme			saghtar			sa:tar
saffron			zafran			zafran
ginger			ginger			jinjer

Fruit ------

apricot	/ orange	berquqa / laringa	ber'u'a / larinja
watermelon /apple	dulliegha / tuffieha	dulli:a: / tuffi:ha
peanuts / banana	karawett / banana	karawet / banana
cherries / dates	cirasa / tamal		chirasa / tamal
fig / lemon		tina / lummija		tina / lummiya
strawberries / pear	frawl / langasa		frawl / lanjasa
almonds / grapes	lewz / gheneb		lews / e:nep
peach / plum		hawha / ghajnbaqra	hawha / a:ynba'ra
raisins	/ melon		zbib / bettieha		sbiyp / betti:ha

Wine ------

May I have the		Jekk joghgbok gibli	yek yo:jbok jibli
wine list?		l-lista ta' l-inbid?	il lista ta limbid

I'd like a bottle	Nixtieq flixkun		nishti:' flishkun
of white/red wine.	nbid abjad/ahmar.	imbid abyad/ahmar

Half a bottle.		Nofs flixkun.		nofs flishkun

A glass.		Tazza.			tatsa

A bottle of champagne	Flixkun xampanja	flishkun shampanya
please.			jekk joghgbok.		yek yo:jbok

I'd like beer.		Nixtieq birra.		nishti:' birra

Non-alcoholic drinks ------

I'd like coffee		Nixtieq kafe		nishti:' kafe
with cream and sugar.	bil-halib u z-zokkor.	bil halib u its tsokkor
Chocolate.		Cokkolata.		chokkolata
Fruit-juice.		Sugu tal-frott.		sugu tal frot
Tea with milk/lemon.	Te bil-halib/b'lummija.	te bil halib/blummiya
Lemonade.		Limonata.		limonata
Milkshake.		Milkxejk.		milksheyk
Mineral water.		Ilma minerali.		ilma minerali
Tomato juice.		Sugu tat-tadam.		sugu tat tadam

Complaints --------

There's a plate		Hawn platt		awn plat
missing.		nieqes.			ni:'es
A glass missing.	Tazza nieqsa.		tatsa ni:'sa

I have no knife /	m'ghandix sikkina /	ma:ndiysh sikkiyna
fork / spoon.		furketta / mgharfa.	furketta / ma:rfa

That's not what		Dak m'hux li		dak mush li
ordered.		ordnajt.		ordnayt

I asked for...		Jien ridt ...		yi:n ritt

May I change this.	Jekk joghgbok tista	yek yo:jbok tista
			tibdilli dan.		tibdilli dan

The Check (Bill) -------

I'd like to pay.	Nixtieq inhallas.	nishti:' inhallas

We'd like to pay	Nixtiequ nhallsu	nishti:'u inhallsu
separately.		separat.		separat

Is service included?	Servizz hu kompriz?	servits uw kompris

Can I pay with this	Nista nhallas b'dan	nista inhallas bdan
credit card?		il-kredit kard?		il kredit kard

Thank you, this is	Grazzi, dan		gratsi dan
for you.		ghalik.			a:lik

Keep the change.	Zomm il-bqija.		zom il b'iya

That was a delicious	Dik kienet ikla		diyk ki:net ikla
meal. Thank you.	delizzjuza. Grazzi.	delitsyuza gratsi	


Asking the way ------

Can you tell me 	Tista tghidli		tista teydli
the way to ...		kif immur ...		kiyf immuwr

How far is the next	Kemm hu boghod		kem uw bo:d
village?		ir-rahal l-iktar qrib?	ir rahal liktar 'rib

How far is it  to ...	Kemm hu boghod ...	kem uw bo:d
from here?		minn hawn?	        min awn

How can I find this 	Kif nista nsib dan 	kiyf nista insiyb dan ilpost
place?			il-post?

Where can I find this 	Fejn nista nsib dan	feyn nista insiyb dan
address?		l-indirizz?		lindirits

Can you show me on the	Tista turini fejn jien 	tista turiyni feyn yi:n
map where I am/		fuq il-mappa?		fu' il mappa

Where can I park?	Fejn nista nipparkja?	feyn nista nipparkya

Where's the nearest	Fejn hu l-eqreb 	feyn uw le'reb
garage?			garaxx?			garash

Excuse me. My car has	Skuzani. Ghandi hsara	skuzani a:ndi hsara
broken down.		fil-karozza.		fil karotsa

May I use your phone?	Jekk joghgbok nista	yek yo:jbok nista
			 nuza it-telefon 	nuza it telefown ti:ek

Can you send		Tista tibghat		tista tiba:t 
a mechanic?		mekkanik?		mekkanik

How long will you be?	Kemm se tiehu zmien?	kem se ti:hu zmi:n

Please call the police.	Jekk joghgbok sejjah	yek yo:jbok seyah
			pulizija.		pulitsiya

There's been an 	Gara accident.		jara achident

Where's the nearest 	Fejn hu l-eqreb		feyn uw le'reb
telephone?		telefown?		telefown

Call a doctor/ambulance	Sejjah tabib/ambulanza	seyah tabib / ambulantsa
quickly.		malajr.			malayr

What's your name	X'jismek		shyismek
and address?		u x'indirizz toqghod?	u shindirits to'o:d


Where's the tourist	Fejn hu l-ufficcju	feyn uw luffichyu
office?			tat-turizmu?		tat turizmu

Can you recommend	Tista tirrikmanda	tista tirrikmanda
an excursion?		eskursjoni?		eskursyoni

How much does 		Kemm tqum		kem t'um
the tour cost		id-dawra?		id dawra

Where're the catacombs?	Fejn huma l-katakombi?	feyn uma il katakombi

Where's the flea market?Fejn hu l-monti?	feyn uw il monti
the market		is-suq			is su'
the library		il-librerija		il libreriya
the museum		il-muzew		il muzew
the palace		il-palazz		il palats
the statue		l-istatwa		listatwa
the tomb		il-qabar		il 'abar
the university		l-universita'		luniversita

Admission ------

Is ... open on Sundays?	jiftah(m)/tiftah(f)	yiftah  tiftah nar ta
			nhar ta' Hadd?		had

When does it open?	X'hin j/tiftah?		sh hin y / tiftah

When does it close?	X'hin j/taghlaq?	sh hin y / ta:la'

Is it all right to take Nista niehu		nista ni:hu
pictures?		ritratti?		ritratti

Who - What - When? --------

What's that building?	X'inhu dak il-post?	shinu dak il post

Who was the ... ?	Min kien ... ? 		miyn ki:n
architect		l-arkitett		larkitet
artist			l-artist		lartist
painter			il-pittur		il pittur
sculptor		l-iskultur		liskultur

When did he live?	Meta ghix?		meta e:sh

When was it built?	Meta nbena / inbniet?	meta imbena / imbni:t

We're interested in ...	Ahna interessati ...	ahna interessati
antiques		fl-antikita'		flantikita
archaeology		fl-arkeologija		flarkeolojiya
art			fl-arti			flarti
botany			fil-botanika		fil botanika
ceramics		fic-ceramika		fich cheramika
coins			fil-muniti		fil muniti
flora and fauna		fil-flora u l-fawna	fil flora u il fawna
furniture		fl-aghmara		fla:ma:ra
geology			fil-geologija		fil jeolojiya
history			fl-istorja		flistorya
painting		fil-pittura		fil pittura
pottery			fil-fuhhar		fil fuhhar
sculpture		fl-iskultura		fliskultura

Religious services -------

Is there a/an ... near 	Hawn ... fil-vicin?	awn fil vichin
Catholic church		knisja kattolka		knisya kattolka
Protestant church	knisja protestanti	knisya protestanti
synagogue		sinagoga		sinagoga
mosque			moskeja			moskeya

At what time is Mass?	X'hin hija l-quddiesa?	sh hin iya il 'uddi:sa
At what time is the     X'hin hu s-servizz?	sh hin uw is servits

I'd like to visit 	Nixtieq nara l-knisja.	nishti:' nara il knisya
the church.

Landmarks --------

cliff / farm / field	rdum / razzett /  ghalqa	irdum / ratset / a:l'a
footpath / forest	moghdija / foresta		mo:diya /  foresta
garden / hill / house	gnien / gholja / dar		jni:n / o:lya / dar
road / sea / spring	triq / bahar / nixxiegha  	tri' / bahar / 

valley / village	wied / rahal			wi:d / rahal
well /  wood 		bir / bosk			biyr / bosk

RELAXING ------------------------

Can you recommend a	Tista tirrikmandali film /	tista tirrikmandali film /
good film / concert?	kuncert tajjeb?			kuncert tayeb

Is there a sound-and-	Hawn x'imkien xow son-		awn shimki:n show son
light show on 		et-lumiere?			e lumyer

What time does it	X'hin jibda?			sh hin yibda

I want to reserve two	Irrid nirriserva zewg		irriyd nirrizerva
seats.			postijiet.			zewch postiyi:t

May I please have a 	Jekk joghgbok aghtini		yek yo:jbok a:tini
program?		programm.			program

Can you recommend	Tista tirrikmanda 		tista tirrikmanda
a good nightclub?	najtklabb tajjeb?		naytklabb tayeb

Is there a floor show?	Hemm varjeta'?			em varyeta

Is evening dress	Mehtieg ilbies 			mehti:j ilbi:s
necessary?		formali?			formali

Is there a discotheque?	Hemm diskoteka?			em diskoteka

Would you like 		Tixtieq tizfen?			tishti:' tisfen
to dance?

On the beach --------------

Is there a sandy 	Hemm bajja ramlija?		em baya ramliya

Is this beach safe 	Din il-bajja hi sejf		diyn il baya iy seyf
for swimming?		ghall-ghawm?			a:ll a:wm

Are there any 		Hemm kurrenti			em kurrenti
dangerous currents?	perikoluzi?			perikoluzi

I want to rent (hire)	Nixtieq nikri 			nishti:'
an umbrella		umbrella			umbrella
surfboard		serfbord			serfbord
water-skis		woterski			woterski

Sports -----------

Is there a soccer 	Hemm x'imkien xi loghba		em shimki:n shi lo:ba
match anywhere this	futbol das-Sibt?		futbol das sibt

Where's the nearest	Fejn hu l-eqreb			feyn uw le'reb
golf course?		kors tal-golf?			kors tal golf

Where're the tennis	Fejn huma il-korz		feyn uma il korts
courts?			tat-tennis?			tat tennis

Where's the race-	Fejn hi l-korsa tat-		feyn iy il korsa tat 
course?			tigrija?			tijriya

Is there any good 	Hawn xi post tajjeb ghas-	awn shi post tayeb a:s 
fishing around here?	sajd f'dawn l-inhawi/		sayd fdawn linhawi

Do I need a permit?	Ghandi bzonn permess?		a:ndi bzon permess

Where can I get one?	Minn fejn nista ngibu?		min feyn nista injiybu

MAKING FRIENDS ------------------------

Introductions --------

May I introduce ... ?	Nista nintroducilek ... ?	nista nintroduchilek

Paul, this is ...	Pawlu, din hi (f.); 		Pawlu diyn hiy
			dan hu (m) ...			dan uw

My name is ...		Jien jisimni ...		yi:n yisimni

Pleased to meet you.	Ghandi pjacir.			a:ndi pyachir

What's your name?	Inti, x'jismek?			inti shyismek

How are you?		Kif  inti?			kiyf inti

Fine, thanks. And you.	Tajba (f.); tajjeb (m.)		tayba tayeb
			grazzi. U inti?			gratsi u inti

Follow-up -----------

How long have you	Kemm ilek hawn?			kem iylek awn
been here?

We've been here a week.	Ahna ilna gimgha hawn.		ahna ilna jima: awn

We like it very much.	Qeghdin niehdu pjacir		'edin ni:hdu pyachir
			hafna.				hafna

Do you travel a lot?	Tivjagga (s.)hafna?		tifyajja hafna
			Tivjaggaw (pl.) hafna?		tifyajjaw hafna

Where do you come from?	Minn fejn inti? (s.)		minn feyn inti
			Minn fejn intom? (pl.)		minn feyn intom

I'm from ...		Jien minn ...			yi:n min

What nationality are 	X'nazzjonalita inti?		shnatsyonalita inti

I'm American, 		Jien Amerikan/a, (m/f)		yi:n  amerikan/a 
British			inglis/za   			inglis/za
Japanese		Gappuniz/a			jappunis/za 
Norwegian		Norvegiz/a			norvejis/za
French			Franciz/a			franchis/za
German			Germaniz/a			jermanis/za
Italian			Taljan/a			talyan/a
Spanish			Spanjol/a			spanyol/a
Chinese			Ciniz/a				chiniys/za
Swiss			Svizzeru/a			svitstseru/a
Canadian		Kanadiz/a			kanadis/za

I'm with ...		Qieghed (m) hawn ...		'i:e:d awn
			Qieghda (f.)			'i:da
my wife / my husband	ma marti / mar-ragel		ma marti / mar rajel
my family / my friends	mal-familja / mal-hbieb		mal familya / mal hbi:b
my parents / my uncle	mal-genituri / maz-ziju		mal jenituri / 
							mats tsiyu
my aunt / my brother	maz-zija / ma hijja		mats tsiya / ma hiya
my sister / my cousin	ma ohti / mal-kugin/a		ma ohti / mal kujin/a

Are you married?	Int mizzewweg? (m.)		int mizzewwej
			Int mizzewga? (f.)		int mizzewja

Do you have children?	Ghandek tfal?			a:ndek tfal

What do you think of	X'jidhirlek mill-pajjiz?	shyidirlek mill payis
the country?

What do you do?		Int x'taghmel?			int shta:mel

I'm a student.		Jien student (m),		yi:n student
			studentessa (f).		studentessa

I'm here on a business	Jien qed hawn fuq		yi:n 'ed awn fu'
trip.			bizniss.			bizniss

The weather ---------

What a lovely day!	X'gurnata sabiha!		shjurnata sabiha

What awful weather!	X'temp hazin!			shtemp hazin

It's cold / hot today.	Il-kesha / is-shana llum.	il kesha / is s hana

Do you think it's	Tahseb li se taghmel		tahseb li se ta:mel
going to rain 		ix-xita ghada?			ish shita a:da

cloud / fog / ice	shaba / cpar / silg		s haba / chpa:r / silch
moon / sun / stars	qamar / xemx / kwiekeb		'amar / shemsh /kwi:keb


Stores, shops, services ----

Where's the nearest...	Fejn hu l-eqreb...		feyn u le'reb
antique store		antikwarju			antikwaryu
baker			furnar				furnar
bank / barber		bank / barbier			bank / barbi:r
beauty salon		bjutixxin			byutishin
bookstore		hanut tal-kotba			hanut tal kotba
camera store		hanut tar-ritratti		hanut tar ritratti
bakery/confectionery	hanut tal-helu			hanut tal helu
flower shop		fjorist				fyorist
fishmonger		bejjiegh tal-hut		beyyi:h tal hut
grocery			growser				growser
jeweller		gojjellier			joyyelli:r
library / market	librerija / suq			libreriya / su'
newsstand / post office	tal-gazzetti / posta		tal gatsetti /posta
police station		ghassa tal-puluzija		assa tal pulutsiya
shoemaker / tailor	skarpan / hajjat		skarpan / hayyat
souvenir shop		hanut tas-suvenirs		hanut tas suvenirs
toy store		hanut tat-tojs			hanut tat toys
travel agency		agenzija tal-vjaggi		ajentsiya tal vyajji
vegetable seller	bejjiegh tal-haxix		beyyi:h tal hashish
watchmaker		arloggier			arlojji:r

General Expressions ----

Where's a good ...?	Fejn hemm ... tajjeb (m.)?	feyn em tayyeb
			tajba (f.)?			tayba

Where can I find...?	Fejn nista nsib ...?		feyn nista insib

Where's the main	Fejn hu c-centru 		feyn uw ich chentru
shopping area?		kummercjali?			kummerchyali

How far is from here?	Kemm hu boghod minn hawn?	kem uw bo:d min awn

How do I get there?	Kif immur hemm?			kiyf immur em

Can you help me?	Tista tghinni?			tista teyni

I'm just looking.	Qed biss nara.			'ed biss nara

I want...		Irrid...			irriyd

Can you show me?	Tista turini?			tista turiyni
this / that		dan / dak (m.)			dan dak
			din / dik (f)			diyn diyk

Do you have... ?	Ghandek... ?			a:ndek

Where's the elevator?	Fejn hu l-lift?			feyn uw il lift

Where do I pay?		Fejn inhallas?			feyn inhallas

I'd like ... one	Nixtieq wiehed (m.)		nishti:' wi:hed
			wahda (f.) ...			wahda
big			kbir (m), kbira (f)		kbir kbira
snall			zghir (m), zghira (f)		zeyr zeyra
cheap			irhis (m), irhisa (f)		irhiys irhiysa
dark			skur (m), skura (f)		skur skura
good			tajjeb (m), tajba (f)		tayyeb tayba
light (weight)		hafif (m), hafifa (f)		hafiyf, hafiyfa
light (color)		car (m), cara (f)		char chara
round			tond (m), tonda (f)		tont tonda
square			kwadru (m), kwadra (f)		kwadru kwadra
sturdy			solidu (m), solida (f)		solidu solida

Can you show me some	Tista turini ftit		tista turiyni ftiyt
more?			iktar?				iktar
Something better,	Xi haga ahjar,			shi haja ahyar
cheaper,		irhas,				irhas
larger, smaller.	ikbar, izghar.			ikbar iza:r

How much is this?	Kemm iqum dan (m)?		kem i'um dan
			Kemm tqum din (f)?		kem t'um diyn

How much are they?	Kemm iqumu?			kem i'umu

I don't understand.	Mhux qed nifhem.		mush 'ed nifem

Please write it down.	Jekk joghgbok iktibieli.	yek yo:jbok iktibi:li

I don't want to spend	Ma rridx nonfoq			ma irriych nonfo'
more than... liri.	iktar minn... liri.		iktar min liri

No I don't like it.	Le ma joghgobnix (m).		le ma yo:jobniysh
			Le ma toghgobnix (f).		le ma to:jobniysh

I'll take it.		Niehdu (m) / Nehodha (f).	ni:hdu nehoda

It's not quite what	Mhux ezatt li			mush ezatt li
I wanted.		ridt.				ritt

Can you order it	Tista tordnahuli (m)		tista tordnauli
for me?			tordnahieli (f)?		tordnai:li

How long will it take?	Kemm tiehu zmien?		kem ti:hu zmi:n

Please send it to	Jekk joghgbok ibaghtu (m)	yej yo:jbok iba:tu
this address.		ibaghtha (f) f'dan l-indirizz.	iba:ta fdan lindirits

Do you accept dollars,	Taccetta dollari,		tachchetta dollari
traveller's checks,	traviller cekks,		traviller cheks
credit cards?		kredit kards			kredit karts

Can you please		Jekk joghgbok tista		yek yo:jbok tista
exchange this?		tibdilli dan?			tibdilli dan

I'd like a refund.	Nixtieq inkun rimbursat.	nishti:' inkun 

Here's the receipt.	Hawn hi l-ircevuta.		awn iy lirchevuta

Bookstore ------

Where can I buy an	Fejn nista nixtri		feyn nista nishtri
English newspaper?	gazzetta ngliza?		gatsetta ingliza

I need a / an ...	Ghandi bzonn ...		a:ndi bzon
I'd like a / an ...	Nixtieq ...			nishti:'
pen / pencil		pinna / lapis			pinna lapis
glue / ink		kolla / linka			kolla linka
calendar / map		kalendarju / mappa		kalendaryu mappa
dictionary / ruler	dizzjunarju / riga		ditsyunaryu riga
eraser / newspaper	gomma / gazzetta		gomma gatsetta
guidebook / paper 	gwida / karta			gwida karta

Cutlery -------

cups / plates		kikkri / platti			kikkri platti
glasses / forks		tazzez / frieket		tatsets fri:ket
knives / spoons		skieken / mgharef		ski:ken ma:ref
teaspoon		kuccarina			kuchcharina

made of plastic		tal-plastika			tal plastika

Pharmaceutical -----

Where's the nearest	Fejn hi l-eqreb			feyn iy le'reb
pharmacy?		spizjerija?			spizyeriya

I want something for	Irrid xi haga 			irriyd shi haja
a cold / a cough	ghal rih / ghas-sola		a:l rih a:s sola
a headache		ghall-ugih ta' ras		a:l lujih ta ras
an upset stomach	ghal stonku mqalleb		a:l stonku im'alleb
a fever			ghad-deni			a:d deni

Can you fill this	Tista timlili din		tista timlili diyn
prescription for me?	ir-ricetta?			ir richetta

Can I have ...		Tista taghtini			tista ta:tini
aspirin	/ Band-Aids	aspirina / bandejz		aspirina bandeyts
contraceptives		kontracettivi			kontrachettivi
disinfectant		dizinfettant			dizinfettant
ear-drops		qtar ghall-widnejn		'tar a:l widneyn
eye-drops		qtar ghall-ghajnejn		'tar a:ll a:yneyn
gauze			garza				garza
iodine			jodju				yodyu
laxative		lassativ			lassatif
tampons			tamponi igjenici		tamponi ijyenichi
thermometer		termometru			termometru
tranquillizer		trankwillanti			trankwillanti
vitamin pills		vitamini			vitamini

Toiletry -----

deodorant		deodorant			deodorant
razor blades		xfafar tal-lehja		shfafar tal lehya
safety pins		labar tal-molla			labar tal molla
shaving cream		krema tal-lehja			krema tal lehya
toilet paper		karti tat-tojlet		karti tat toylet
tooth brush		xkupilja tas-snien		shkupilya tas sni:n

For the baby -------

Baby food		Ikel ghat-trabi			ikel a:t trabi
pacifier		gazaza				gazaza
diapers			griehi				jri:hi
feeding bottle		flixkun tal-bejbi		flishkun tal beybi

Clothing ------

I'd like...		Nixtieq...			nishti:'

I want... for a		Irrid... ghal			irriyd a:l
7-yr old boy/girl.	tifel/tifla ta' seba' snin.	tifel/tifla ta 
							seba sniyn

I want something 	Nixtieq xi haga			nishti:' shi haja
like this.		bhal dan (m) / din (f).		bhal dan diyn

I want something in	Irrid xi haga			irriyd shi haja
beige / black 		fil-bejg / fl-iswed 		fil beyj fliswed
blue / brown		fil-blu / fil-brawn		fil blu fil brawn
green / grey		fl-ahdar / fil-griz		fl ahdar fil gris
orange / pink		fl-orangjo / fir-roza		fl oranjyo fir roza
purple / red		fil-vjola / fl-ahmar		fil vyola flahmar
silver / white		fil-fiddien / fl-abjad		fil fiddi:n flabyad
yellow.			fl-isfar.			fl isfar

light / dark		fic-car / fl-iskur		fich char fliskur
lighter / darker	iktar car / iktar skur		iktar char iktar skur

I want something to	Irrid xi haga li		irriyd shi haja li
match this.		taqbel ma dan (m) / din (f).	ta'bel ma dan diyn

I'd like the same	Nixtieq l-istess		nishti:' listess
color.			kulur.				kulur

I don't like 		Ma joghgobnix			ma yo:jobniysh
this color.		dal-kulur.			dal kulur

Material --------

Do you have		Ghandek				a:ndek
anything in... ?	xi materjal tal- ... ?		shi materyal tal

I want a cotton blouse.	Irrid bluza tal-qoton.		irriyd bluza tal 'oton

Something made here.	Xi haga maghmula hawn.		shi haja ma:mula awn
Handmade.		Maghmula bl-idejn.		ma:mula blideyn

I want something 	Irrid xi haga			irriyd shi haja
thinner.		irqaq.				ir'a'

Do you have any		Ghandek xi haga			a:ndek shi haja
better quality?		ta' kwalita ahjar?		ta kwalita ahyar

What's it made of?	Minn x'hix hu maghmul (m)	minn shish uw ma:mul
			hi maghmula (f)?		iy ma:mula

corduroy / cotton	korduroj / qoton		korduroy  'oton
denim / flannel		denijm / flanella		deniym flanella
gabardine / lace	gabardin / bizzilla		gabardiyn bitsilla
leather / linen		gild / ghazel			jilt a:zel
satin / silk		satijn / harir			satiyn hariyr
velvet / wool		bellus / suf			bellus suwf

Is it pure cotton /	Dan qoton pur /			dan 'oton puwr
wool?			suf pur/			suwf puwr

Will it shrink by	Tingibed bil-			tinjibed bil
washing?		hasil?				hasiyl

Is it machine-washable?	Tinhasel bil-magna?		tinhasel bil magna

Size ------

I take size 12.		Jien niehu qies 12 (tnax).	yi:n ni:hu 'i:s tnash

Could you measure me?	Tista tehodli l-qies?		tista tehodli il 'i:s

I don't know the size.	Ma nafx il-qies.		ma nafsh il 'i:s

dress / pants		libsa (f) / qalziet (m)		libsa 'altsi:t
blouse / shirt		bluza (f) / qmis (f)		bluza 'miys

Can I try it on?	Nista nippruvah (m)?		nista nippruvah
			Nista nippruvaha (f)?		nista nippruva a

Is there a mirror?	Hawn mera?			awn mera

It fits very well.	Jigini (m) sewwa hafna.		yijiyni sewwa hafna
			Tigini (f) sewwa hafna.		tijiyni sewwa hafna

It's too short/long	Hu qasir/twil wisq (m).		uw 'asiyr twiyl wis'
			Hi qasira/twila wisq (f).	iy 'asira twiyla wis'
tight/loose.		dejjaq/wiesa (m)		deyya' wi:sa
			dejqa/wiesgha (f)		dey'a wi:sa

Clothes -------

anorak / apron		gakka / fardell			jakka fardell
bra / briefs		recipett / qalziet ta taht	rechipett 'altsi:t
							ta taht
cap / clothes		berritta / ilbies		berritta ilbi:s
coat / collar		glekk / ghonq			jlekk on'
dress / glasses		libsa / nuccali			libsa nuchali
gloves / handbag	ingwanti / borza		ingwanti borza
handkerchief / hat	maktur / kappell		maktur kappell
jacket / jeans		gakketta / gijns		jakketta jiyns
jersey / pants		gersi / qalziet			jersi 'altsi:t
pullover / pyjamas	pullover / pigama		pullover pijama
raincoat / shirt	rejnkowt / qmies		reynkowt 'mi:s
skirt / slip		dublett / slipp			dublett slip
socks / stocking	peduna / kalzetta		peduna kaltsetta
suit / tie		libsa shiha / ingravata		libsa shiha ingravata
trousers / waistcoat	qalziet / sidrija		'altsi:t sidriya

belt / button		cinturin / buttuna		chinturin buttuna
pocket / sleeve		but / komma			bu:t komma
zipper			zipper				zipper

shoes / sandals		zarbun / sandli			zarbun sandli
slippers / shoelace	papocc / lazz			papoch lats

These are too...	Dawn huma...			dawn uma
narrow/wide		dojoq/wisghin wisq		doyo' wiseyn wis'
large/small		kbar/zghar wisq			kbar za:r wis'

I'd like a pair of	Nixtieq par zarbun.		nishti:' par zarbun
brown/black		kannella/iswed			kannella iswed

Do you have a 		Ghandek qies			a:ndek 'i:s
larger/smaller size?	ikbar/izghar?			ikbar iza:r

Can you repair these	Tista ssewwi dan		tista issewwi dan
shoes?			iz-zarbun?			iz zarbun

How long will it take?	Kemm tiehu zmien?		kemm ti:hu zmi:n

What will it cost?	Kemm se tqum?			kemm se t'um

Can you stitch this?	Tista thit din?			tista thiyt diyn

I need it/them		Ghandi bzonnu (m) bzonnha (f)	a:ndi bzonnu bzonna
as soon as possible.	bzonnhom (pl)			bzonnom
			mill-aktar fis.			mill aktar fiys
Tomorrow.		Ghada.				a:da

Electrical appliances ------

What's the voltage?	Kemm hu l-voltagg?		kem uw il voltach

Do you have a battery	Ghandek batterija		a:ndek batteriya
for this?		ghal din?			a:l diyn

Can you show me how	Tista turini kif		tista turiyni kiyf
it works?		tahdem?				tahdem

I'd like to rent/hire	Nixtieq nikri			nishti:' nikri
a camcorder / VCR.	kamkorder / visijar		kamkorder visiyar

Grocery -------

I'd like a loaf of	Nixtieq hobza.			nishti:' hobza

What sort of cheese	Xi kwalita ta' gobon		shi kwalita ta jobon
do you have?		ghandek?			a:ndek

I'll have a piece	Jekk joghgbok nixtieq 		yek yo:jbok nishti:'
of this, please.	bicca minn dan.			bicha min dan

I need some garlic	Ghandi bzonn ftit tewm		a:ndi bzonn ftiyt tewm
and some onions.	u ftit basal.			u ftiyt basal

I'd like a kilo of	Nixtieq kilo 			nishti:' kiylo
apples / peaches.	tuffieh / hawh			tuffi:h hawh
tomatoes / apricots.	tadam / berquq.			tadam ber'u'

100 grams of butter.	mitt grammi butir.		mitt grammi butiyr

half dozen eggs.	nofs tuzzana bajd.		nofs tuzzana bayd

a litre of milk.	litru halib.			litru haliyb

a can of pears.		bott langas.			bott lanjas

a box of chocolates.	kaxxa cokkolata.		kashsha chokkolata

Watchmaker's - Jeweller's --------

Could I please see	Jekk joghgbok nista nara	yek yo:jbok nista nara
that?			dak?				dak

Do you have anything	Ghandek xi haga			a:ndek shi haja
in gold?		fid-deheb?			fid de:b

Is this real silver?	Dan veru fidda?			dan veru fidda

Could you repair	Tista ssewwi			tista issewwi
this watch?		dan l-arlogg?			dan larloch

This watch needs	Dan l-arlogg ghandu bzonn	dan larloch a:ndu bzon 
cleaning.		tindifa.			tindiyfa

I'd like a/an/some	Nixtieq				nishti:'
alarm clock / battery	sveljarin / batterija		svelyarin batteriya
bracelet / chain	brazzulett / katina		bratsulet katiyna
clock / cross		arlogg / salib			arloch saliyb
cutlery / earrings	pozati / misluti		pozati misluti
jewel box		kaxxa ghall-gawhar		kashsha a:l jawa:r
necklace / ring		gizirana / curkett		jizirana churket
rosary beads		kuruna tar-ruzarju		kuruna tar ruzaryu
tie pin 		labra ta' ngravata		labra ta ingravata

alabaster / copper	alabastru / ram			alabastru ram
crystal / diamond	kristall / djamant		kristal dyamant
emerald / enamel	smerald / enamilju		zmerald enamilyu
gold / ivory		deheb / ivorju			de:b ivoryu
pearl / silver		gawhra / fidda			jawra: fidda

Optician -------

I've broken my glasses.	In-nuccali nqasamli.		in nuchchali in'asamli

Can you repair them	Tista ssewwijhomli?		tista issewwiyomli
for me?

When will they be 	Meta jkunu lesti?		meta ikuwnu lesti

Can you change the	Tista tibdilli			tista tibdilli
lenses for me?		il-lenti?			il lenti

I'd like to have my	Nixtieq ticcekkjali		nishti:' tichekkyali
eyesight checked.	l-vista.			il vista

I'm short-sighted.	Jiena korta vista.		yi:na korta vista

I've lost one of my	Tlift wahda 			tlift wahda
contact lenses.		mill-kontakt lensis.		mill kontakt lensis

I'd like to buy 	Nixtieq nixtri			nishti:' nishtri
a pair of sunglasses.	par nuccali tax-xemx.		par nuchchali tash 

May I look in a 	Nista nara 			nista nara
mirror?			f'mera?				fmera

I'd like to buy		Nixtieq nixtri			nishti:' nishtri
a pair of binoculars.	bajnokjular.			baynokyular

Photography -------

I want a/an... camera	Irrid kamera			irriyd kamera
simple / inexpensive	semplici / rhisa		semplichi irhiysa

Show me some 		Urini ftit			uriyni ftiyt
camcoders.		kamkorders.			kamkorders

I'd like to have some	Nixtieq tehodli ftit		nishti:' tehodli ftiyt
passport photos taken.	ritratti ghal passaport.	ritratti a:l passaport

I'd like film for 	Nixtieq film ghal		nishti:' film al
this camera.		din il-kamera.			diyn il kamera

How much do you 	Kemm iqum 			kem i'um
charge for processing?  l-isvilupp?			lizvilupp

I want two prints	Irrid zewg ritratti		irriyd zewch ritratti
of each negative.	ta' kull-negattiva.		ta kull negativa

Will you please		Jekk joghgbok			yek yo:jbok
enlarge this.		kabbarli dan.			kabbarli dan

When will the photos	Meta jkunu lesti		meta ikunu lesti
be ready?		r-ritratti?			ir ritratti

Can you repair this	Tista ssewwi din		tista issewwi diyn
camera?			il-kamera?			il kamera

AT THE BANK ---------

At the Bank ------

I want to change	Irrid insarraf		irriyd insarraf
some dollars.		ftit dollari.		ftiyt dollari

I want to cash a	Irrid ninkaxxa		irriyd ninkashsha
traveller's check.	traviller cekk.		traviller chek

What's the exchange	X'hini r-rata		shiniy ir rata
rate?			tal-kambju?		tal kambyu

Can you telex my	Tista titteleksja	tista titteleksya
bank in New York?	il-bank tieghi NY?	il bank ti:ey Nyu York

I want to credit this	Irrid nakkredita dan	irriyd nakkredita
to my account.		fl-akkawnt tieghi.	flakkawnt ti:ey

I want to open 		Nixtieq niftah		nishti:' niftah
an account.		akkawnt.		akkawnt

I want to withraw	Nixtieq nigbed		nishti:' nijbed
Lm100.			mitt lira.		mit liyra

Where should I sign?	Fejn ghandi niffirma?	feyn a:ndi niffirma

Can you provide me	Tista tipprovdini	tista tipprovdiyni
with an interpreter?	b'interpretu?		binterpretu

Where can I make 	Fejn nista naghmel	feyn nista na:mel
photocopies?		fotokopji?		fotokopyi

Can you cash a		Tista tinkaxxa		tista tinkashsha
personal check?		cekk persunali?		chek persunali

Have you small change?	Ghandek zghar?		a:ndek za:r

Here's the change.	Hawn il-bqija.		awn il b'iya

I have no money on me.	M'ghandix flus fuqi.	ma:ndiysh fluws fu'i

amount / balance	ammont / bilanc		ammont bilanch
capital / checkbook	kapital / cekkbuk	kapital chekbuk
contract / expenses	kuntratt / spejjez	kuntrat speyyes
invoice / loss		kont / telf		kont telf
mortgage / payment	ipoteka / hlas		ipoteka hla:s
percentage / profit	percentwali / profitt	perchentwali profit
purchase / sale		akkwist / bejgh		akkwist beyh
share / transfer	sehem / trasferiment	se:m trasferiment
value.			valur.			valuwr


Where's the nearest	Fejn hi l-posta		feyn iy il posta
post office?		l-iktar vicina?		liktar vichina

What time does the	X'hin tiftah /		sh hin tiftah
P.O. open / close?	taghlaq il-posta?	ta:la' il posta

A stamp for this	Jekk joghgbok bolla	yek yo:jbok bolla
letter / postcard	ghal din l-ittra /	a:l diyn littra
please.			il-kartolina.		il kartolina

What's the postage	X'inhu l-pustagg	shinuw il pustach
for a postcard to	ghal kartolina 		a:l kartolina
Australia?		ghall-Awstralja?	a:l lawstralya

I want to send this	Irrid nibghat dan	irriyd niba:t dan
parcel.			il-pakkett.		il pakket

I want to send this...	Irrid nibghat din...	irriyf niba:t diyn
air mail		bl-ajru			blayru
express			espress			espres
registered mail.	rakkomandata.		rakkomandata

Where's the general	Feyn hi l-poste		feyn iy il post
delivery?		restante?		restant

Is there any mail	Hemm xi posta		em shi posta
for me? My name is...	ghalija? Jisimni...	a:liya yisimni

I want to send a	Irrid nibghat		irriyd niba:t
telegramm / telex.	telegramm / teleks.	telegram teleks

May I please have 	Jekk joghgbok aghtini	yek yo:jbok a:tiyni
a form?			formula.		formula

How much is it per 	Kemm tqum kull		kem t'u:m kul
word?			kelma?			kelma

How long will a cable	Kemm jiehu zmien	kem yi:hu zmi:n
take to Toronto?	kejbil ghal Toronto?	keybil a:l Toronto

TELEPHONE --------

Where's the telephone?	Fejn hu t-telefown?	feyn uw it telefown

Where's the nearest	Fejn hu l-eqreb		feyn uw le'reb
telephone booth?	kjosk tat-telefown?	kyosk tat telefown

I want to make a	Ghandi bzonn naghmel	andi bzon na:mel
phone call.		telefown.		telefown

May I use your phone? 	Nista nuza t-telefown	nista nuwza it telefown
			tieghek?		ti:ek

Have you a phone	Ghandek ktieb		a:ndek kti:b
directory?		tat-telefown?		tat telefown

Who is speaking?	Min qed jitkellem?	miyn 'ed yitkellem

Hello! This is Mrs. X	Hellow! Hawn is-Sinjura	hellow awn is sinyura
speaking.		X qed titkellem.	'ed titkellem.
This is Mr. X 		Hawn is-Sinjur X	awn is sinyur 
speaking.		qed jitkellem.		'ed yitkellem

Can I speak to...	Nista' nkellem 'il...	nista inkellem il

Isn't he home?		Mhux id-dar?		muwsh id da:r
Isn't she home?		Mhix id-dar?		miysh isd da:r

Would you please take	Jekk joghgbok tista	yek yo:jbok tista
a message?		tiehu messagg?		ti:hu messach

I'll call later.	Incempel iktar tard.	inchempel iktar tard

Would you ask him	Jekk joghgbok ghidlu	yek yo:jbok e:ydlu
to call me.		jcempilli.		ichempilli
/ask her to call me.	/ghidilha ccempilli.	e:ydila ichchempilli

My number is...		In-numre tieghi hu...	in numru ti:ey uw

Speak more slowly	Jekk joghgbok tkellem	yek yo:jbok tkellem
please.			iktar bil-mod.		iktar bil mod

The line is busy.	Il-linja engegjd.	il linya engeyjd

Good morning, can you	Bongornu, tista		bonjornu tista
help me get this	tghinni naqbad dan	te:yni na'bad dan
number?			in-numru?		in numru

I want to place a	Irrid naghmel telefown	irriyd na:mel telefown
collect call.		u nirriversja l-hlas.	u nirriversya il hlas

I want to pay for 	Irrid inhallas ghal	irriyd inhallas a:l 
this call.		dan it-telefown.	dan it telefown

DOCTOR -------

General ---

Can you get me a 	Tista ssejjahli		tista isseyyahli
doctor?			tabib?			tabiyb

Is there a doctor here?	Hawn tabib hawnhekk?	awn tabiyb awnek

I need a doctor		Ghandi bzonn tabib	a:ndi bzon tabiyb
quickly.		malajr.			malayr

Can I make an		Nista' naghmel		nista na:mel
appointment right now,	appuntament issa stess, appuntament issa stes
tomorrow, as soon	ghada, mill-aktar	a:da mill aktar
as possible.		fis.			fiys

Parts of the body -----

appendix / arm		appendici / driegh	appendichi dri:h
artery / back		arterija / dahar	arteriya da:r
bladder 		buzzieqa ta' l-awrina	buzzi;'a ta lawriyna
bone / bowels		ghadma / msaren		a:dma imsaren
breast / ear		sider / widna		sider widna
eye / eyes		ghajn / ghajnejn	a:yn a:yneyn
face / finger		wicc / saba		wich saba
foot / genitals		sieq / genitali		si:' jenitali
gland / hand		glandola / id		glandola iyt
head / heart		ras / qalb 		ra:s 'alp
intestines / jaw	intestini / xedaq	intestiyni sheda'
joint / kidney		goga / kilwa		joga kilwa
knee / leg		rkoppa / rigel		irkoppa rijel
lip / liver		xoffa / fwied		shoffa fwi:t
lung / mouth		pulmun / halq		pulmuwn hal'
muscle / neck		musklu / ghonq		musklu o:n'
nerve /nose		nerv / mnieher		nerf imni:her
rib / shoulder		kustilja / spalla	kustilya spalla
skin			gilda			jilda
spine			xewka tad-dahar		shewka tad da:r
stomach / tendon	stonku / gherq		stonku e:r'
throat / tongue		gerzuma / lsien		gerzuwma ilsi:n
tooth / waist		sinna / qadd		sinna 'at
vein			vina			viyna

Accident - Injury ------

There has been 		Gara ncident.		jara inchident
an accident.

My child has had 	It-tifel (m) tieghi	it tifel ti:ey
a fall.			waqa'.			wa'a
			It-tifla (f) tieghi	it tifla ti:ey
			waqghet.		wa'e:t

He has hurt his	head.	(Hu) wegga' rasu.	uw wejja rasu

She has hurt her head.	(Hi) weggghet rasha.	iy wejje:t rasa

He's/she's 		Mitluf/mitlufa minn	mitluwf mitluwfa min
unconscious.		sensih/sensiha.		sensih/sensiya

He's bleeding heavily.	Qed jisvina sewwa.	'ed yizvina sewwa
She's bleeding heavily.	Qed tisvina sewwa.	'ed tizvina sewwa

He's seriously		Korrut sewwa.		korruwt sewwa

She's seriously		Korruta sewwa.		korruwta sewwa

His arm is broken.	Dirghajh maqsuma.	dira:yh ma'suwma

Her arm is broken.	Dirghajha maqsuma.	dira:ya ma'suwma

I've been stung.	Ghandi tingiza.		a:ndi tingiyza

I've got something 	Ghandi xi haga		a:ndi shi haja
in my eye.		f'ghajnejja.		fa;yneyya

I've got a/an...	Ghandi...		a:ndi
blister			muffaha			muffaha
boil			musmar			musmar	
bruise			dbengila		tbenjiyla
burn			harqa			har'a
cut			ferita			feriyta
graze			barxa			barsha
insect bite		gidma ta' nsett		gidma ta inset
lump			gundella		gundella
rash			raxx			rash	
sting			tingiza			tingiyza	
swelling		nefha			nefha
wound			ferita			feriyta

Could you have a 	Tista tarali ftit?	tista tarali ftiyt
look at it?

I can't move my...	Ma nistax incaqlaq...	ma nistash incha'la'

It hurts.		Tugghani.		tuja:ni

Illness ---

I'm not feeling well.	Mhux f'sikti.		muwsh fsikti

I'm ill.		Ma niflahx.		ma niflahsh

I feel dizzy.		Inhossni stordut (m)	inhossni storduwt
			storduta (f).		storduwta

I feel nauseous.	Inhossni mdardar (m)	inhossni imdardar
			imdardra (f).		imdardra

I feel shivery.		Ghandi tkexkix.		a:ndi tkeshkiysh

I've got a fever.	Ghandi d-deni.		a:ndi id deni

I've been vomiting.	Ili nirrimetti.		iyli nirrimetti

I'm constipated.	Ili ma nipporga.	iyli ma nipporga

I've got diarrhoea.	Ghandi d-dijarrea.	a:ndi id diyarrea

I have a nosebleed.	Qed ninfarag.		'ed ninfarach

I've got (a/an)...	Ghandi ...		a:ndi
asthma			l-azma			lazma
backache		ugigh f'dahari		ujih fda:ri
cold			rih			rijh
cough			is-soghla		is so:la
cramps			bughawieg		bua:wi:ch
earache			ugigh f'widnejja	ujih fwidneyya
headache		ugigh ta' ras		ujih ta ras
indigestion		indigestjoni		indijestyoni
palpitations		tferfir ta' qalb	tferfijr ta 'alp
rheumatism		rewmatizmu		rewmatizmu
sore throat		hruq fi grizmejja	hru' fi grizmeyya
stomach ache		ugigh fl-istonku	ujih fli stonku
sunstroke		xemxata			shemshata

I have a pain in 	Ghandi ugigh		a:ndi ujih
my chest.		f'sidri.		fsidri

I had a heart attack	Kelli attakk tal-qalb	kelli attak tal 'alp
... years ago.		... snin ilu.		sniyn iylu.

My blood pressure is	Il-pressjoni tieghi	il pressyoni ti:ey
too high/too low.	tad-demm hi gholja	tad dem iy o:lya 
			wisq/baxxa wisq.	wis' bashsha wis'

I'm allergic to...	Jien allergiku ghal...	yi:n allerjiku a:l

I'm diabetic.		Ghandi d-dijabete.	a:ndi id diyabete

Women's section ------

I have period pains.	Ghandi ugigh tax-xahar.	a:ndi ujih tash sha:r

I have a vaginal 	Ghandi infezzjoni	a:ndi infetsyoni
infection.		fil-vagina.		fil vajiyna

I'm on the pill.	Qed niehu l-pillola.	'ed ni:hu il pillola

I haven't had my 	Ili ma nara		iyli ma nara
period for 2 months.	xahrejn.		sha:reyn

I'm 3 months pregnant.	Jiena tlit xhur tqila.	yi:na tlit shuwr t'iyla

Prescription, Treatment ----

This is my usual	Din hi l-medicina	diyn iy il medichiyna
medecine.		tieghi tas-soltu.	ti:ey tas soltu

Can you give me a	Tista taghtini		tista ta:tiyni
prescription for this?	ricetta ghal dan?	richetta a:l dan

Can you prescribe some	Tista tordnali ftit	tista tordnali ftiyt
sleeping pills,		pilloli ta' l-irqad,	pilloli ta lir'at
a tranquillizer?	kalmanti?		kalmanti

I'm allergic to		Jien allergiku ghal	yi:n allerjiku a:l
antibiotics/penicillin.	antibiotici/penicillina.antibiyotichi penichilliyna

I don't want anything	Ma rridx xi haga	ma irrich shi haja
too strong.		qawwija hafna.		'awiyya hafna

How many times a day	Kemm il darba fil-jum	kem il darab fil yuwm
should I take it?	ghandi nehodha?		a:ndi nehoda

Must I swallow them	Ghandi niblaghhom	a:ndi niblahhom
whole?			shah?			s hah

Fee ----

How much do I owe you?	Kemm ghandi ntik?	kem a:ndi intiyk

May I have a receipt	Nixtieq ircevuta	nishti:' irchevuwta
for my health		ghall-assikurazzjoni	a:l assikuratsyoni
insurance?		tas-sahha.		tas sahha

Can I have a medical	Tista taghtini		tista ta:tiyni
certificate?		certifikat mediku?	chertifikat mediku

Hospital ---

What are the visiting	X'inhuma l-hinijiet	shinuwma il hiniyi:t
hours?			tal-parlatorju?		tal parlatoryu

When can I get up?	Meta nista nqum?	meta nista in'uwm

When will the doctor	Meta se jigi t-tabib?	meta se yiji it tabiyb

I'm in pain.		Ninsab mugugh.		ninsab mujuwh

I can't eat.		Ma nistax niekol.	ma nistash ni:kol

I can't sleep.		Ma nistax norqod.	ma nistash nor'od

Can I have a pain-	Tista ttini kalmant /	tista ittiyni kalmant
killer / some 		ftit pilloli		ftiyt pilloli
sleeping pills?		ghall-irqad?		a:l lir'ad

Where is the bell?	Fejn hi l-qanpiena?	feyn iy il 'anpi:na

nurse 			Infermier (m)		infermi:r
			infermiera (f)		infermi:ra
patient			pazjent			patsyent
anaesthetic		anestetiku		anestetiku
blood transfusion	trasfuzjoni tad-demm	trasfuzyoni tad dem
injection		injezzjoni		inyetsyoni
bed			sodda			sodda
bedpan			padella			padella
thermometer		termometru		termometru

DENTIST --------

Can you recommend	Tista tirrakmandali	tista tirrakmandali
a good dentist?		dentista tajjeb?	dentista tayyeb

Can I make an 		Nixtieq naghmel		nishti:' na:mel
(urgent) appointment	appuntament (urgenti)	appuntament urjenti
to see Dr ...?		biex nara d-dentista.	bi:sh nara id dentista

I have a broken tooth.	Ghandi sinna miksura.	a:ndi sinna miksuwra

I have a tootache.	Ghandi ugigh ta' dras.	a:ndi ujih ta dras

I have an abscess.	Ghandi axxess.		a:ndi ashshess

This tooth hurts.	Dis-sinna tugghani.	dis sinna tuja:ni

I don't want it		Ma rridx naqlaghha.	ma irriych na'lahha

Could you give me 	Tista taghtini 		tista ta:tiyni
an anaesthetic?		l-loppju?		il loppyu

I've lost a filling.	Tlift filling.		tlift fillink

The gum is very sore.	Il-hanek jahraqni ferm.	il hanek jahra'ni ferm

The gum is bleeding.	il-hanek idemma.	il hanek idemma

I've broken this	Ksirt din		ksirt diyn
denture.		id-dentatura.		id dentatuwra

Can you repair this	Tista ssewwi din	tista issewwi diyn
denture?		id-dentatura?		id dentatuwra

When will it be raedy?	Meta tkun lesta?	meta tkuwn lesta

EMERGENCY --------

Call the police.	Sejjah pulizija.	seyyah pulitsiya

Danger.			Periklu.		periklu

Fire.			Nar.			nar

Get a doctor.		Sejjah tabib.		seyyah tabiyb

Go away.		Mur 'l hemm.		muwr lem

Help.			Ajut.			ayut

Get help quickly.	Sejjah ghajnuna malajr.	seyyah a:ynuwna malayr

I'm ill.		Inhossni hazin.		inhossni haziyn

I'm lost.		Intlift.		intlift

Leave me alone.		Hallini kwiet (m).	halliyni kwi:t
			Hallini kwieta (f).	halliyni kwi:ta

Look out!		Attenzjoni!		attentsyoni

Poison.			Velenu.			velenu

Police.			Pulizija.		pulitsiya

Quick.			Malajr.			malayr

Stop.			Ieqaf (s) Ieqfu (p).	i:'af i:'fu

Stop that man/woman.	Zommu dak ir-ragel/	zommu dak ir rajel
			dik il-mara.		diyk il mara

Stop thief.		Halliel (m) 		halli:l
			Halliela (f)		halli:la

To be continued.....

(SURVIVAL MALTESE for Travelers, Copyright © 1995 Grazio Falzon) (

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